Swimming in Eureka Springs West

For all locations, please pick up a Eureka Springs West brochure from the Chamber of Commerce Tourist Center in Eureka Springs or at any member business. The brochure includes a helpful map. Highway 187 makes a southern loop off Highway 62 and has a total length of about 9 miles.

The White River is not used for swimming because its year-round temperature hovers around 50 degrees and hypothermia would be a problem, even in the summer. However, if you just want to see the river more closely or dip your toe in the water, then the best place to do that would be Parker’s Bottoms, or Parker’s Flats, below Beaver Dam.

DIRECTIONS to Parker’s: from Highway 62, turn south on Highway 187 (signs and markers plentiful). Watch for a sign to Bertram Access or CR 136. This is just north of Beaver Dam. Turn east on CR 136 and follow the road until it ends. This is a favorite trout fishing spot, but a little quiet exploration on your part is fine.

There are several swimming areas on Beaver Lake. Keep in mind that they are in federally-operated parks and are sometimes closed; they also may have a day-use fee. Lake levels fluctuate with the amount of rain, so sometimes the beaches even disappear!

The first swimming beach is directly off Highway 187 on the northern side of Beaver Dam. It is plainly visible from the highway.

Another is at Dam Site Park South. Known locally as “The Island,” this charming area is also accessed from Highway 187, just to the south of Beaver Dam. Watch for a sign that says “Dam Site Lake Campground” and turn west.

Dam Site North Park : from Highway 187 just north of Beaver Dam, turn west onto Dam Site Road. Watch for a sign that states “Day Use Facility.” Turn left through the gate and you will reach the first public areas. Go just a little further, and you will come to a day-use picnic area and our beautiful cliffs with paths. Occasionally the cliffs are not accessible because of high water levels in the lake.

Starkey Park: is located at the end of Mundell road, which exits to the west off Highway 187. Mundell Road is located about midway on the loop created by Hwy 187. Follow Mundell Road to the Park, and note that Starkey Marina is to the right (east) of the Park.

You will also find that a number of our lodgings have either swimming pools, swim decks on the lake, or private access to Beaver Lake and the White River. Check our “Lodging Amenities Chart” on the Lodging and Camping page. Any way you like it, you can certainly wet that little toe...

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