Imago Massage

361 Beatrice Drive
(Just off of CR 210 -Blue Spring Road- in Eureka Springs West)
Eureka Springs, AR 72632


Body, Mind, Spirit~~Balance

Services: Rebekah Clark, LMT, NCTMB, MT-BC, offers MASSAGE, CRANIOSACRAL, SOUND & HOT STONE THERAPIES, REIKI, EAR CANDLING, and COLD STONE THERAPY for MIGRAINE. She works by appointment only, but your treatment session will be customized to your needs and requests. Receive organic, all-natural oils & lotions on a comfortable, cushy, heated table (heated in-studio only.) You may come to her studio, with its amazing view, or she will travel to your location. What do you need? Pain Relief, Relaxation, Energy Balancing?

Rebekah offers both private sessions and group Spiritual Workshops or Sacred Song Events. She is a Massage Therapist, State-Licensed in Arkansas and Arizona, as well as being Nationally Certified. She is also a Board-Certified Music Therapist and a Sound Healer trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions. She has presented workshops for numerous organizations and facilitates “sacred song” events.

Rebekah explains: “Imago means to Create, Transform (dictionary meaning = final stage of metamorphosis of a butterfly.) I use this word to represent the transformation and miracles that often occur when we open to the ‘All that is’ ~~ or you may call it your ‘I Am Presence.’”

Her Philosophy of Healing: “At this time in our evolution, it seems to me that we benefit from a view that true health care comes from listening to our own bodies. We must listen and tune in to our own inner wisdom. Our bodies are living, breathing organisms with intelligence. You are your own healer, not me or anyone else who might be in a position to help. I facilitate the attunement process, set up an energetic space that is supportive of the healing process, offer what I am guided to offer energetically, and give feedback. My client does the rest. Healing happens when we are ready and actively participating in the process. I feel that good diet, exercise, and spiritual practice are all part of a whole person’s wellness practice. Awareness is the key. We are creating our world with each step we take, each thought we think, through each moment of each day in the now moment. Together we create on a path of wholeness.”